Firewall Cost High ! Analise it properly before you chose a vendor.

Please keep in mind here at IT Monteur, you are also paying for Delightful Support available to you 24 hours a day, more than just only device & license fees.

Support Level: 

-Full Managed Support for your account
-Full Support Team Dedicated to Your Account
-24 x 7 x 365 Live Support & Expertise
-Immediate Response to Emergency Support Tickets
-Microsoft, Redhat, Cisco, All type of Firewall Security certification, Ethical Hacking Certified with 10+ years experienced Professionals
Due to a wrong firewall policy, your network cloud be down, and if it is down for 1 hour, on a 100 user setup company will loss of 100 man hours or there may be a hardware failure, for this we would also suggest with go for 2 device and set it with cluster, so that downtime will be less.
we are a complete IT solution provider, if there is any issue with server and need to work with firewall, it will not get hold up due to server issue, we have extensive IT Infra management skills, serer management expertise, and we would be fix it for you.
We don’t believe that the other re-seller provider that can provide all of the above for the less price to take care of your firewall security of your company to run 24 x 7 x 365
Hence our price which ensures the availability of support technicians at any time of the day and year.
We have so many other things that we provide on the backside, sometimes we know it’s hard to truly understand what you are paying for when a price is quoted. Once again, it is not just the device & license, it is all the support and services that we provide 24 x 7 x 365.
Guarantees: Stand by firewall provided within 24hour ( All United Arab Emirates – UAE) in case of hardware failure
We hope this information helps. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

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Many customer do not understand gimmick/lie marketing tricks of companies, in web hosting industries, many company sell UNLIMITED SPACE , There is nothing like unlimited anything. Its just a marketing gimmick/lie.
We do not sell Unlimited space, we are still selling 100MB space,
Big companies do marketing in different way, take a example of a simple domain name, a domain name registration cost is $10, We buy it in, and even go-daddy buy it in $10, but go-daddy sell it in $3, customer get attract and go with go-daddy, but when next year renewal go-daddy charge them just double $20 year on year even renewal  cost is same $10
similarly in firewall case, if a vendor selling in just cost to cost without any profit margin, their intention is different, you can not renew the license with other vendor easily, as firewall OEM company’s first preference for the renewal is the first partner who has sold it.
Analise it properly before you chose a vendor.